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The team from the UCA Presbytery of Tasmania have put together a set of resources for those of you planning worship this advent season.  They’re liturgical in nature, and include some creative pieces, some drama and a host of supporting material.

The resources were inspired in part by a delightful Henri Nouwen piece on waiting. Nouwen says (in part):

The whole meaning of the Christian community lies in offering a space in which we wait for that which we have already seen. Christian community is the place where we keep the flame alive among us and take it seriously, so that it can grow and become stronger in us. … That is how we dare to say that God is a God of love even when we see hatred all around us. That is why we can claim that God is a God of life even when we see death and destruction and agony all around us. We say it together. We affirm it in one another. Waiting together, nurturing what has already begun, expecting its fulfilment – that is the meaning of community and the Christian life.

“Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas” from The Weavings Reader, ed. By John S Mogabgab. © 1993 by The Upper Room.

Head over to the Presbytery website to get the full list of resources and details.

If you use the resources, we’d love to hear how it goes. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments section here, or shoot me an email.


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